How to Watch DD National without Dish Antenna and Cable TV

If you want to watch SD or HD channels of Doordarshan without dish antenna and without cable TV, then whenever you buy a new TV, you must see a DVB-T2 tuner in it. At present, TVs available in the market are selling TVs only by installing old tuners, which is very surprising. It's just like what you had to do with transistor radios in the age of digital FM. Or they sell you a 2G smartphone in the 5G era. Therefore, you must be careful and check this thing when you buying a new TV set.

Can I watch digital TV even in the village?

Yes absolutely. For this, you can use the yagi antenna used in olden times. Because the signal coverage of Doordarshan DTT would be 50 to 60 kilometers where you can get the signal by placing an antenna inside the house. But if your village is further away from the city then you can get the signal by installing an old antenna on the roof. Even if you are 70 to 90 km away from the city, you will get the signal very comfortably.

How do I get rid of cable and still watch TV? How can I watch DD National on TV? How can I watch TV without cable or antenna?

Soon Doordarshan will set up transmitters for DTT service in small towns as well. So that Doordarshan can reach all the people of the country.

What's special-

1. With this new technology of Doordarshan, you will be able to enjoy free channels on all mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc.

2. DVB-T2 is a very modern technology, this will increase the capacity of the Doordarshan manifold and more and more free channels can be shown to the audience according to the language of the region. This technology will have the ability to show ten channels instead of one channel on the same bandwidth.

3. Other private companies are showing their channels across the country through satellite or DD Freedish, but soon private TV channels can also start regional language channels by joining the technology of DVB-T2. At present, only Doordarshan channels and digital radio channels are available.

4. Private TV channels will be much cheaper to show channels through Doordarshan DVB-T2 digital technology than DD Free Dish, and local advertisements will also be available. This will lead to the development of regional industries. Because they will be able to reach advertisements cheaply to the people of their own city or village. And the business can grow.

5. DVB-T2 All the channels are broadcast by digital technology, you will be able to watch TV equipped with a digital tuner by using a normal antenna, you can install this antenna indoors or on the roof.

6. To watch DVB-T2 channels on an old TV, you have to install a DVB-T2 digital set-top box.

Click here to check the DTT channel list and DTT Updates.

Please Note - According to some comments of users that Doordarshan stopped DTT broadcast in a few areas.

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