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DD Freedish 38th e-auction will be on 11th February 2019 under new Revised Policy

DD Freedish 38th e-auction will be on 11th February 2019 under new Revised Policy

This is good news for DD Freedish viewers that Prasar Bharati going to held its 38th e-auction for filling up vacant slots on DD Freedish DTH platform.
All private TV channels are invited to take part in this e-auction under new revised policy.
Doordarshan will conduct the 38th online e-auction for filling up of vacant slots of DD Free Dish DTH Platform by private TV channels from 11th February 2019.

In this auction, only those satellite can participate which has valid licensed from ministry of information and broadcasting.
DD Freedish 38th e-auction will be on 11th February 2019 under new Revised Policy

This e-auction will be different from previous e-auctions held because now new revised DD Freedish policy applicable.
According to new revised policy, this e-auction will have different pricing for slots. Because now TV slots are split into five buckets and reserved for specific genre or language. New pricing are according to five buckets from Rs.6 crore to Rs.15 crore. 

It means now DD Freedish have TV channels from other languages as well.

If you remember, the last e-auction was held in July 2017, which was also split in 2 buckets (Non News and News Channels) but now it is categories in 5 buckets.

This revised policy enhances its reach to non-Hindi speaking states and main advantage will be that now new TV channels (other languages) will be available here soon.

Lots of DD Freedish viewers asking question in comment section of freedish blog that what will happen after implementing of TRAI rules in next month?.  But don’t worry, Prasar Bharati CEO Mr.Shashi Shekhar Vempati already informed in Rajya Sabha channel that “DD Freedish is a public broadcaster; there is no subscription fees so rules will not be applicable on this platform.

Video Courtesy : YouTube / Rajyasabha TV

Doordarshan's launched two new channels 'DD Science’ & ‘India Science’

Science and Technology Minister Dr. Harshvardhan informed that DOORDARSHAN lunched two new TV channels as DD Science and India Science.

DD Science channel is based on Science and Technology, while India Science channel is an internet-based channel.

Both channels are free to access means will be available as free to air.
Doordarshan's launched two new channels 'DD Science’ & ‘India Science’

Addressing the gathering, CEO Prasar Bharati Shashi Shekhar Vempati said the channels were dedicated to science and will “enhance the spirit of enquiry in children”

From the beginning DD Science has one hour slot on DD National channel which will help to promote the DD Science channel.

Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan said developing a scientific temperament was a “critical necessity” and the ultimate aim was to launch a 24/7 channel dedicated to science.

Very soon DD Science channel will be available for 24/7 but at this time you can enjoy one hour program on DD National channel.

दूरदर्शन और विज्ञान प्रसार ने मिलकर दो नए टीवी चैनल्स की शुरुआत की

Recently Doordarshan luanched DD Roshni channel on DTT platform in Banglore.

DD Roshini, an exclusive channel for students launched by Doordarshan

DD Roshini, an exclusive channel for students launched by Doordarshan

Doodarshan Bengaluru takes a new initiative. DD Roshini an educational channel started as a Pilot on Digital Terrestrial Platform of DD in partnership with Microsoft and Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) schools.

This channel will be available Digital Terrestrial Television Platform of Doordarshan in Bengaluru. To receive this channel you have to buy DVB-T2 digital set-top box with DVB-T2 indoor / outdoor antenna.

The launch of DD Roshini (new educational) channel was confirmed by DD Director General Supriya Sahu on Twitter official.

Very soon DD Roshni channel will be available on DD Free Dish, Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, Big TV, Tata Sky, Independet TV, VideoconD2h and Sun Direct.

DD National HD & DD News HD added on DD Freedish DTH platform

DD National HD & DD News HD added on DD Freedish DTH platform

This is very good news for DD Freedish users that DD Freedish added 2 HD channels on DD Free Dish DTH platform. Both TV channels are available in high definition picture with mpeg-4 quality.

TV channels name are DD News HD and DOORDARSHAN National HD.

These channels are receivable by only Free-To-Air Set-Top Box which supports MPEG-4/HD, DVB-S2, 8PSK.

Here are technical parameters or frequency of DD News HD and DD National HD channels to scan your HD set-top box:

For LNB Frequency 09750-10600 users, use the below frequency to tune. (Recommended)

Frequency       Polarity Symbol Rate 22K
11630       Vertical 30000        OFF

For LNB Frequency 5150-5150 users, use the below frequency to tune.

Frequency    Polarity   Symbol Rate  22K
3270            Vertical            30000          OFF

So DD Free dish users can also enjoy HD channels without any monthly subscription. If you are not getting these channels means you are using mpeg-2 set-top box so you can upgrade your set-top box by buying online or offline.

If you like this information then doesn’t forget to share with other viewers on Facebook and twitter.

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Before you buying New LCD / LED TV, You must know that?

If you are going to buy LCD / LED TV for your home / office then you must check that your new TV set inbuilt tuner is a digital or analogue?
If any LCD / LED TV have built-in TV tuner is analogue then it will not receive DOORDARSHAN channels by using traditional terrestrial antenna because DOORDARSHAN already stopped analogue broadcast.
So if you are going to purchase any company LED / LCD TV, you must check that new LCD / LED TV built in tuner should be digital so that you can enjoy up to 10 DOORDARSHAN TV channels anytime anywhere by using simple terrestrial antenna without any subscription.
dtt tv models, digital terrestrial television tv models, iDTV (integrated DVB-T tuner), idtv price
image source : ddindia website

Although some iDTV models already available in market, please check given below list.

TV Size (inches)
LG (TV Models Name)
SAMSUNG  (TV Models Name)
SONY  (TV Models Name)
32LH520D, 32LH576D, 32LH602D, 32LH604T, 32LJ522D, 32LJ523D,
32LJ525D, 32LJ530D, 32LJ542D, 32LJ548D, 32LJ573D, 32LJ616D, 32LJ618U
J5570, K5570
43LH520T, 43LH576T, 43LH595T, 43LH600T, 43LJ522T, 43LJ523T, 43LJ525T, 43LJ231T, 43LJ548T, 43LJ554T, 43LJ617T, 43LJ619T,
43LJ619V, 43UH617T, 43UH650T, 43UH750T, 43UJ632T, 43UJ652T, 43UJ752T
J5570, K5570,
KU6470, KU6570
KDL40W700C, KDL42W700B, KDL42W900B,
KDL43W800C, KDL43W950C, KD43X8500C,
KDL43W800D, KD43X8300D, KDL43W950D,
49LH576T, 49LH595T, 49LH600T, 49LJ523T, 49LJ554T, 49LJ617T, 49LJ617V, 49SJ800T, 9UH650T, 49UH770T, 49UH850T,  9UJ632T, 49UJ652T, 49UJ752T
J5570, JU6470, JU6670, K5570, KU6570
KDL48W600B, KDL48W700C, KD49X8500B, KD49X8500C, KD49X8300D, KDL50W800B, KDL50W900B, KDL50W800C, KDL50W950C, KDL50W800D, KDL50W950D
55LH600T, 55LJ550T, 55SJ800T, 55SJ850T,
55UH617T, 55UH650T, 55UH770T, 55UH850T, 55UJ632T, 55UJ652T,
JU6470, K5570, KU6470, KU6570
KDL55W950B, KD55X8500B, KD55X9000B, KD55X8500C, KDL55W800C, KD55X9000C, KD55X9300C, KDL55W800D, KD55X8500D, KD55X9300D, KD55X9350D
60UH770T, 65SJ800T, 65SJ850T, 65UH770T, 65UH850T, 65UJ632T, 65UJ752T,  LED65B6T, OLED65B7T, OLED65C7T, OLED65E6T, OLED65E7T
JU6470, KU6470
KD65X9000B, KD65X9000C, KD65X9300C,
KD65X8500D, KD65X9300D, KD65X9350D
75SJ955T, 75UH656T, 79UH953T
KD79X9000B, KD75X9400C, KD75X9400D

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Know! Why New TV Channels not Adding on DD Freedish DTH?

From last 6 month on this blog getting many feedback's and suggestions and everybody want to know that why DD Freedish DTH is not adding new channels?, why vacant stots running on DD Freedish DTH?.

As you know DD Freedish free to air DTH have about 22 million viewers who getting 80 TV channels with Doordarshan and private TV channels without any subscription including 30+ educational TV channels.

Why DTH vacant slots (Test Channels) running on DD Freedish DTH?.
In short ways I found some facts that government have some issues with Doordarshan Prasar Bharati about revenue policy of DD Freedish DTH. Because Doordarshan loosing advertisements revenue due availability of lots of private TV channels on DD  Freedish.
The free to air Private TV channels have huge TRP then Doordarshan channels on DD Freedish. So government ask to Prasar Bharati to revise revenue policy of DD Freedish. DD Freedish completed about 10+ years but revenue model or revenue policy not revised to increase profit of public broadcaster.
So I&B ministry hold the e-auction process for vacant slots and ask for revised revenue policy of DD Free dish. Government issued 8 letters but didn't get any confirmation from PB.

At this time most of private of TV channels running  on DD Freedish pro-rata basis until new policy comes out.
In this matter, Government is doing well, because it is true nobody thought that how to increase profit of DD Freedish.

So till then wait for new TV channels on DD Freedish. As per some sources we have found on internet that Prasar Bharati and Government also thinking to apply revenue sharing model on DD Freedish channels. so I think it is good idea in both ways DD Freedish can earn money.

DD Freedish should not stop or pause services because half population of country watching DD Freedish channels. Prasar Bharati should also think another options to generate revenue from dth. Some ideas may be --
1. Scrolling TV advertisement on every private TV channels.
2. Share TV channels advertisement revenue with DD Freedish
3. e-auction should be complete on basis who agree to share maximum ads revenue.
4. Mobile number registration should be mandatory who buying and watching DD Freedish to get actual viewers data.
5. Show Doordarshan channels ads on private TV channels.
6. Doordarshan should launch common software of all set-top box which can use by any manufacturer in their set-top boxes. This software should generate a system or pairing code on STB chip basis. So by helping this code users can register their box with doordarshan.
7. Government should launch CAM module which can pair with any set-top box to subscribe pay channels on DD Freedish.
8. Government should think about set-top box portability, it is possible if in market only CAM module integrated set-top boxes available then any user can move by changing CAM module only.
9. Offer e-auctions for DVB-T2 (DTT) channels city wise so that local channels can take part on DTT platforms like FM radios. Government can earn revenue from every city and from every local channels.

There are lots of way to increase profitbility of Doordarshan channels.Please let us know if you have any other suggestion and feedback's so that we can post here.

Article written by : Sandeep Singh / For Freedish Blog

Star Bharat TV Channel Frequency of DD Freedish DTH

Star Bharat TV Channel Frequency of DD Freedish DTH

Star Bharat is Free to Air TV channel, now it is available on DD Freedish. This channel converted in to Life Ok channel to Star Bharat.
Star Bharat TV Channel Frequency of DD Freedish DTH

If you are unable to watch this channel, then you can tune given below Star Bharat Frequency:
Satellite: GSAT15
LNB Frequency: 09750 - 10600
LNB type: Universal
TP Frequency: 11470
Pol - v
Symbol Rate - 29500
22K - off
Tone Brust - B
Quality - MPEG-2 / SD

Please check complete channel list by frequency.

DTT (Digital TV) indoor TV antenna now available in India

If you have bought recently digital TV or you have DVB-T2 set-top box and want to watch DTT free-to-air TV channels then you need a yagi antenna to receive digital signals, but SOLID brand launched best solution for DTT viewers "indoor Digital TV antenna".

This is a special designed antenna for digital terrestrial TV (DTT) broadcasting reception. It is the best solution for home reception and digital portable TV reception. The antenna is active that can be used with TV or digital receiver, which supports coaxial cable powering or USB cable powering.

DTT is advance technology by Doordarshan, you will get high quality picture and audio quality. Analog TV (ATV) is subject to interference, such as ghosting and snow, depending on the distance and geographical location of the TV receiving the signal where digital TV (DTV) is latest technology. The DTT transmitters have lower power requirements than traditional analogue transmitters. The signals can be received easily by moving vehicles and mobile phones.

Now DTT (Digital TV) indoor antenna available in India

Here you can see few question and answer about this product:
Where you can use this DTT indoor antenna?
This antenna is suitable with all Digital TV enabled tuner. Now a day’s all LCD / LED TVs are coming with digital TV tuners so you can use this antenna to receive DTT signals. (For digital TV tuner, you should verify this information from TV manufacturers or manual).
You can also connect this indoor antenna with your DVB-T2 set-top box or DVB-T2 mobile tuner.

Does it require any power?
Its depend on your signal area, if you are living in high signal area then you no need to enable power option from your set-top box. If you are living in low signal area then you can "ON" power from your set-top box. In this DTT antenna already signal amplifier inbuilt which will work after enabling power from DTT device.

Where you can buy it?
It is available online stores like Amazon, SOLID, Bigmarginstore etc.

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Live Telecast programs completed on DD National (DD Freedish)

The Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will visited to West Bengal and Jharkhand on 25.05.2018
Convocation of Visva Bharati University, Bolpur, West Bengal from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM (or till the end)
 Inauguration of Bangladesh Bhavana, Shanti Niketan, Bolpur, West Bengal from 11:50 AM to 12:50 PM (or till the end)
Foundation stone laying of development projects, Sindri, Jharkhand from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM (or till the end)

‘Mann Ki Baat (XLIV)’ Live Telecast
Upcoming Live Telecast programs on DD National (DD Freedish)

 Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi  will present ‘Mann Ki Baat (XLIV)’  on All India Radio at 11:00 AM on 27.05.2018 
The regional version of this broadcast in the respective languages is to be telecast immediately after the completion of Prime Minister’s broadcast in the respective RLSS Channels.
Sign Language at 7:30 PM on 27th May 2018 -     DD Bharati.
 Sanskrit transcription at 07:30 PM on 27th May 2018 - DD News.
 Repeat telecast of regional version will be
at 08:00 PM on 27.05.2018

What are advantages of DTT (DVB-T2) Transmission?

What are advantages of DTT (DVB-T2) Transmission?

What are advantages of DTT (DVB-T2) Transmission?

We are getting many queries and questions about DVB-T2 / DTT service of Doordarshan Prasar Bharati. Here are best advantages of this service.

1. Analog TV (ATV) is subject to interference, such as ghosting and snow, depending on the distance and geographical location of the TV receiving the signal. Sometimes you receive clear picture in morning and evening time, and sometimes you get high interference.

2. Analog TV provide single channel in single frequency but in DVB-T2 / DTT you will receive multi channels with radio channels.

3. Digital TV supports Standard Digital TV (SDTV), High Definition TV (HDTV) and Ultra High Definition TV (UHDTV) standards.

4. The DTT signal can also be received on portable and mobile devices including in moving vehicles by using DTT dongle and android tablets and mobiles.

5. The digital transition offers an opportunity to increase the production of local content. This in turn creates job opportunity and increase creativity and entrepreneurship.

6. DTT provides an alternative all weather reliable distribution platforms for viewers. But in DVB-T2 / DTT service you will get clear picture and sound in any time and any weather conditions.  DTT Transmission is free from "ghosting" and "snowing", which are commonly found in analogue TV pictures.

DD Agartala (Agartala Doordarshan Regional Channel) added on DD Freedish

DD Agartala (Agartala Doordarshan Regional Channel) added on DD Freedish

This is great news for Agartala DD Freedish viewers that Doordarshan Prasar Bharati added regional local channel for Agartala on DD Freedish DTH. DD Agartala is Prasar Bharati owned TV channel telecasting from Doordarshan Kendra from Agartala. Now Agartala viewers can enjoy local programs, local news and other important information on their television sets. DD Agartala produces and telecast large variety of programs in local language such as musical shows, documentary, serials, informative programs, current affairs, health.

Doordarshan Agartala channel is available on DD Freedish in MPEG-4 mode. You can watch this channel at place of "TEST 623".

But please note this channel can be received by only MPEG-4 set-top box. If you already owned DD Freedish MPEG-4 set-top box and still not getting this channel then you can tune your set-top box at given below DD Freedish frequencies.

DD Agartala (Agartala Doordarshan Regional Channel) added on DD Freedish

Service name: DD Freedish
Satellite name: GSAT15
Position: 93.5 Degree East
TP Frequency: 11630
Symbol Rate: 30000
FEC: 3/5
Quality:  MPEG-4
Technology: DVB-S2
Modulation: 8PSK

DD Aizawl Video PID: 5273
DD Aizawl Audio PID: 6273
DD Aizawl PID: 2273

In same transponder, DD Freedish also added DD Agartala, DD Aizawl, DD Itanagar and DD Shillong Doordarshan regional channels.

You can view updated DD Freedish MPEG-4 channels list from here.

Please keep visit us on www.freedish.in for latest information of DD Freedish DTH, India's only free-to-air DTH service.

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