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 dd free dish 44 e auction new TV channels - 11/08/2020
Channel No.14 - B4U Bhojpuri Added, India News left - Read more
Channel No.42 - B4u Kadak added, B4U Bhojpuri left - Read more
Channel No.74 - Test 502 added, B4U Kadak left - Read more
Channel No.80 - Abzy Dhakad added, Test 508 left - Read more
Channel No.82 - News State UP/UK added, Test 510 left - Read more
Channel No.52 - DD Assam Added, DD North East left - Read more

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 DD Assam an Exclusive first TV channel launched for the state
News State UP/UK  channel also available Channel No. 82
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News State UP Uttarakhand available on DD Free dish, Channel No.103
India News UP / UK available on DD Free dish, Channel No.102
DD National HD TV Channel left DD Free Dish Platform
India News MP / CG added on DD Free dish Channel no.109

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