DD Free Dish HD New Channels List With LCN - 24-09-2023

If you want to know DD Free dish HD TV channels in 2023 then you are on the right page. Here you can get a list of High-definition Television channels available in Doordarshan Free dish DTH.

Currently, DD Free Dish has two HD TV channels on the platform. These TV channels can be received by using any free-to-air HD Set-Top Box. Here you can find the dd free dish HD channel list including dd free dish HD channel frequency.

Latest, new, and upcoming DD Free Dish HD Channel list in 2023 -

Slot No.










DD National HD

Hindi ENT

HD Channels






 DD India HD



 HD Channels







 DD News HD



HD Channels






Sansad TV HD



HD Channels




DD Sports HD



HD Channels


You can receive Free HD channels using a Free DTH MPEG4 Set-Top Box or Free-To-Air HD Set-Top Box (free wala dth set top box) which is available online and offline. You can check the DD Free dish Set Top Box MPEG4 Price here.

DD Free dish HD Channels in iCAS HD Set-Top Box -

Although these free HD channels can be received using DD Free Dish HD Set-Top Box. Currently, there is Prasar Bharati's authorized iCAS HD Set-Top box not available, it is waiting for approval. 

DD Free dish HD Channels in Other FTA HD Receivers -

But if you are using free to air HD set-top box then you can easily watch these free high-definition channels on DD Free dish. There are lots of unauthorized full HD DD Free dish Set-top-box available in the near market with wifi, HD recorder, HDMI, MPEG-4 video decoding, auto scan, blind scan, etc features.

Note: You can buy Dd Free Dish HD Set Top Box to receive DD Free Dish HD Channel. You can find Dd Free Dish Dealer Near Me or You can buy online from various websites. 

But if you are looking for DD Free Dish Set Top Box Without Antenna then you should buy a Hybrid Set-Top box with Android Play Store and DVB-S2 HD Tuner.

DD Free dish HD Installation -

You can install an FTA HD box for getting below DD Free dish HD channels, Box is available at the very lowest price in India. For Installation just search in Google "dd free dish installation near me".

Please note - To save this DD Free Dish channel list 2023 in PDF, Just press [CTRL+P] and save it as PDF. For more information about DD Free dish, keep visiting us on the Freedish.in the website.

Note - New HD Channel line-up on DD FreeDish HD, which is effective from April 1, 2022


Other Information

MPEG-2 Channels

96 TV Channels

MPEG-4 Channels

21 TV Channels

HD Channels

1 TV Channels

Radio Channels

25 Channels

Installation Details


Setting Help


Satellite Settings Details

TP List

Other Services


School Education

12 eVidya Channels

Graduation & Post Graduation

33 Swayam Prabha Channels

Digital Banking Education

1 Channel

Gujarati Education

17 Vande Gujarat Channels


Does Doordarshan have HD channel?

Yes, Currently Doordarshan is running 4 TV channels in HD. Here are the names -
  • DD National HD
  • DD India HD
  • DD News HD
  • Sansad TV HD

How many HD channels are available in DD Free Dish?

Currently, 2 HD channels are available, DD HD and DD India HD.

Are HD channels free?

Yes, If you have DD Free dish and DTT Set-Top Box then you can watch Doordarshan HD free of cost.

How can I get free HD channels?

In India, There are three ways to get Free HD channels.
  • By using DD Free dish HD Box
  • By using DTT (DVB-T2) HD Box
  • By using Smart TV (Internet and Inbuilt DTT Tuner)

Is the Doordarshan HD channel free?

Yes, Doordarshan's channels are free of cost.

Is DD National and Doordarshan the same?

Doordarshan is a brand name or branding of Prasar Bharati whereas DD National or Doordarshan National is a TV channel under DD Branding.

What happened to the HD channels on Freeview?

DD News HD and DD India HD are left from the MPEG-4 slot. But DD HD and DD India HD are available in the MPEG-2 slot.

Do I need an HD box?

Yes, for receiving HD channels, you must have an HD Set-Top Box.

Can I get HD channels through my aerial?

Yes, You can buy a DTT USB device for your Laptop / Computer or you can buy DTT Set-Top Box to receive HD channels without a dish antenna or internet.

Why does my TV not pick up HD channels?

It means you currently do not have an inbuilt digital TV tuner. please confirm with your TV manufacturer for the Digital DTV tuner.

Why did I lose my HD channels?

It may be a signal issue with your DD Free dish antenna or DTT aerial.

Are all new TVs HD?

No, Most of the TVs currently available in the market are HD ready. You should buy a Full HD or Ultra HD TV for future use.

Is DD Free Dish available in HD?

Yes, DD Freedish airing SD and HD channels using this FTA platform.

How can I get HD channels in DD Free Dish?

You should buy or replace your existing set-top box with a free-to-air HD Box. it is easily available in the open market, or you can buy it online.

Is DD-free dish HD?

Yes, DD Free dish also airs HD channels including DD National HD and DD India HD. But currently, only the DD National HD channel is available on the platform.

Which set-top box is best for DD Free Dish?

You can check the best Set-Top Box from here.

How to install DD Free Dish HD set-top box?

You can check DD Free dish HD installation Instructions from here.

Does DD Sports have HD channels?
yes, earlier this channel was available in HD but now it is available in SD format only.

Is DD National in HD?

Yes, the DD National channel is available in HD.

Are HD channels free?

Yes, HD channels are free on Doordarshan Freedish.

What is HD channels in Free Dish India?

Currently, only one HD channel is available.

Which DTH offers HD channels?

Yes, Freedish offers HD channels.

How can I watch DD Sports live on TV?

Yes, the original Live Cricket Match feeds are available on DD Sports at Freedish only.

Is DD National available in HD?

Yes, DD HD is High Definition Hindi Entertainment Channel of DD National channel of Indian public broadcaster Doordarshan.

Is there any HD channel on DD Free Dish?

Yes, Currently DD HD Channel is available on DD Free dish.

Which HD channels are free on DD Free Dish TV?

DD National HD is available on DD Free dish TV platform.

How many HD channels does DD Dish TV have?

Currently, only one HD channel is available.

Is there DD Sports HD channel?

Yes, it was available earlier, you can check it here.

HD / High Definitional TV Channels Screenshots -

You can receive Free HD channels using a Free DTH MPEG4 Set-Top Box or Free-To-Air HD Set-Top Box (free wala dth set top box) which is available online and offline. You can check the DD Free dish Set Top Box MPEG4 Price here

Note - You can ask your own question so that we can add that with answers under FAQs.

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    There is no cartoon channel for kids. There is no any business channel like CNBC Awaaz. There is no latest movie channel like Zee Cinema, Sony Set Max/ Max2, Sony Entertainment tv, Zee TV, Star Plus, Star Bharat. I think India is the only country in the world who is giving 158 FTA channel across the India to poor people. I am very thankful to our government for giving this at free of cost. I also think our government need to make new trai rule for TV channels broadcaster, they can't broadcasting as private channel/ network. It should be all the channels in one plateform, only on DD free dish. And Nobody can broadcasting its network/channel programs it's own way as pravate Like DishTV, TataSky etc.

    • Admin
      Admin September 25, 2020 at 12:06 AM

      There are lots of channel start showing cartoon programs as Bigmagic, Star Utsav, Zee Anmol, Shemaroo TV.
      Although DD national also started Chhota Bheem and other cartoon programs for kids.

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    Us ek channel me "Hollywood Movies, Discovery, Geographic, Eng News etc" ye sab ek me hi aa jaaye to bahot hai.

    But atleast ye ek channel to hona chahiye. Iske bina DD Free Dish adhoori hai.

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