How to troubleshoot in defective DD Free dish remote control?

If you are a DD Free dish subscriber and have any problem in your DD Free dish set-top box remote control then you can troubleshoot your Free dish remote control by using given below steps.

First, find the actual problem and get your solutions-

If you are DD Free dish remote control is not working properly, then you can follow these quick steps :
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  1. Replace the remote control batteries or
  2. Check the battery terminals
  3. Clean sensor side glass or led by cloth

If your problem still not solved then the problem might be-

  1. An electric glitching problem in the DD Freedish remote or,
  2. Moisturization in the remote control.

If you have found any above problem in DD Free dish remote then follow the given below solutions -

An electric glitch problem in the DD Freedish remote -
Just remove the batteries from your remote, keep pressing any button till 20-25 second till discharge electric glitch.

How to remove moisturization from the remote control?
Just remove all the batteries, open battery cover then keep in hard sunshine till 10-20 minutes. After that wipe out with clear cloth. and check now.

Now you can check again with the set-top box and by using the below option.

How to check a remote sensor at home?
There is a very simple trick to check your set-top box remote sensor, just turn on your mobile camera by pointing remote sensor and same time press any button from your remote control and now check that infrared light is blinking or not. if the light is not blinking it means your remote has defected.

Get another dd freedish remote if anyone have nearby you. now check with your set-to is box if your new remote is working with your box then your remotes faulty, if the new remote is also not working it means your set-top box has some kind of front panel or sensor issue.

If problem not solved then we do request you to visit the service center to repair your dd free dish set-top box remote control.

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  • Unknown
    Unknown October 23, 2019 at 7:37 AM

    sirf gujarti free education channel dikha rahe hai

    Par hame Maharashtra Kendra all free channel nahi dikha rahe hai to settings k like help kijiye

  • Premji Karukacherry
    Premji Karukacherry August 22, 2021 at 1:05 PM

    Do new frequency details of DD Freedish support old model Mpeg2 STB?

  • Premji Karukacherry
    Premji Karukacherry August 22, 2021 at 1:12 PM

    Do old model Mpeg2 STB support new frequency settings of DD Freedish Ku band GSAT15

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous September 16, 2023 at 6:57 PM

      Please add telugu news channels
      On mpeg 4

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