Which is the best free DTH? Where to buy? - DD Free dish TV

Which is the best free DTH? Where to buy?

There is no multiple choice for FREE DTH. In India, there is one only free DTH service which is DD Free dish. DD Free Dish is one and only best free DTH service in India.

Here you will be informed about buying or installing the DD free dish. If you are new and you want to know what is DD Freedish, then we are telling you the information about it.

What is DD Freedish free DTH?

DD FreeDish is the only free DTH service in India in which you get free TV channels. Free means no monthly expenses. DD Free Dish is run by Prasar Bharati, which is a part of the Government of India. Initially, DD Freedis was launched only to provide TV channels of Doordarshan, which along with the main channel of Doordarshan, with the regional TV channels. But later, due to its popularity, the private channels were put in it.

How many TV channels are received by DD Freedish?

The number of TV channels received in DD free dish is as follows. -
Total channels - 158 Channels

How much does DD Freedish cost?

As we told you that it does not have any cost for the month. You only have to buy a set-top box and dish antenna etc., which you get from Rs 2000 to Rs 2500. You can check complete investment for this DTH system.

How many connections are allowed for DD Free Dish?

You can take any number of connections of DD FreeDish. Even if you have 10 rooms in your house, you can connect 10 set-top boxes to the same dish antenna and enjoy different TV channels in all rooms for free.

Recently DD Freedish has also launched it's approved set-top box. It is not free to air. It is activated by your mobile number. Four set-top boxes can be active on a mobile number. There is also no rent for the month.

Can you watch channels of your choice in the DD free dish?

No, at the moment you cannot select TV channels in DD free dish. All these TV channels are put up by Prasar Bharati through the e-auction process.

Have you heard that radio channels are also available in DD Freedish?

Sure, you have heard well. In DD Freedish you get more than 25 regional and national radio channels. If you want, you can enjoy music and news, etc. by adding home theater with your set-top box. You can check the radio / FM channel list from here.

Do Educational TV channels also available in DD Free Dish?

Yes, DD free dish is available in most homes today. And considering its reach, the Indian government has added more than 50 educational TV channels. In which the studies of different subjects of different classes are broadcast live from university and school. You can get more information from here. And the list of Education TV channel is available here.

How to install after purchasing a set-top box?

For this, you also have to buy some important items from the local market such as
  • Dish antenna
  • LNB
  • Connectors
  • Coaxial cable
After this, you can hire an installation person from your local market. They will install it within an hour and make your TV play.

What is the installation charge of DD free dish?

It depends on your city or village. By the way, people charge for every visit ranging from 150 rupees to 350 rupees.

How to, Where to buy DD Freedish?

There is no application etc. to purchase the DD Free dish, for this, you can go to your nearest market and buy it from any electronic shop and get it installed.
Two types of set-top boxes are being used in the DD Free dish. The first set-top box approved by Prasar Bharati, the second is any free-to-air set-top box. You can buy any of these two types, according to the features and properties of the set-top box.

If you want, you can also buy its set-top box online.

DD Free dish authorized MPEG-4 Set-Top box -

DD Free Dish MPEG-4 Set-Top Box -iCAS

DD Freedish Suitable free-to-air MPEG-4 + HD Set-Top Box -

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  1. Sir This Raju Belgaum from karnataka please add some Kannada channels

  2. add on gujarati movies chenal pless

    is a authorised set top box by DD prasar bharti ?

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    Please add Arihant channel

  13. What are the Indian "SATELLITE-NAMES" & "LNB-POSITION" (with direction & degree) to view FREE(FTA) channels of 'Doordarshan & All India Radio' in DTH-SYSTEMS ???

    What is the process to increase SIGNAL-QUALITY from 4%; where as signal-strength is good I
    i.e. above 80% ???

    Is the "INSAT 4-B" satellite is working now for FTA(Radios & Televisions) in DTH systems & what are there recent positions(in degree) for free channels.
    Also "G-SAT-15" is working for FTA(free of cost) channels or not ???

    Are the DVB & MPEG set top boxes are compatible with DISH-ANTENAS to view FREE/FTA CHANNELS ???

    1. for other satellite free tv channels information available on Trackdish.com

  14. In prysm icas set top box,
    1 can we have hdmi cable?,
    2 is it 720px or 1080p?,
    3 is it able to play HD channel like DD HD or only mpeg4 channel,
    4 can we able to see additional channel from DISHtv or not?
    if it ticks all above checkbox, it will be best.

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    Some channel from all region need to be add it will be great idea.

    i don know how Govt is doing the FOC channel any how thank you for the free dish which helps to many of people who can not afford monthly recharge.

    Jai Hind...


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