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Why is the signal weak at some frequencies? Weak and Strong Frequency?

As we updated a few days ago, DD Freedish has got its biggest expansion and technical improvement ever. here -

  1. The biggest expansion means the maximum number of slots has been added 
  2. and the biggest technical improvement means maximum educational TV channels have been converted from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4.

For that lots of frequency has also been started from GSAT-15 Satellite, earlier 9 TP list was used to broadcast DD Free dish channels which has now increased to 13. Which you can see from here.

But it is possible that you may not get satellite signals of some new frequencies.

Are you not receiving the signal on the newly added frequency?

So this post is just to answer the question if you are not getting the satellite signals of these new frequencies, then the reasons could be -

  1. Either you are using an unbranded ku-band LNB which is a cheap defective LNB without a bill that is capable of receiving vertical signal only. We will give detailed information later.
  2. Or you are using an unbranded very cheap and light dish antenna that you have kept standing on brick or stone. Usually, this is seen more in the village. We have already given detailed information about this
  3. If you have a problem with your unbranded set-top box which is giving only 13V supply output, we will inform you about it in the next few days, so you can understand.

Weak and Strong Frequency - 

You can see the Strong Frequency and Weak Frequency of DD Freedish from here.

FrequencySo these could be the three reasons you are not getting signals on newly added MPEG-4 TP frequencies. 

If you find any other reason, then you can tell through comments.

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