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Will Unbranded Cheap LNBs Still Be Effective?

If you buy the cheapest LNB from the market for your dish antenna and then you want full signal to come, then it is impossible because why that LNB is cheap you should consider that first. Here we are telling you some important facts so that you can understand that for DD Freedish, not cheap LNB but good LNB should be taken.

Here let us assume for a moment that your DTH antenna is branded and well-fitted. And set-top box is also branded and working well. But still, satellite signals of new frequency are not being received, so now we will talk only and only about LNB.

If you fill the new frequency manually by going to Add Transponder one by one and you are not getting very little or no signal there, then we will do some troubleshooting here.

The build quality of LNB is bad -

99.99 percent of shopkeepers in the market do not give a guarantee or warranty of LNB. This LNB is a rejected goods imported from other countries. In which the signal is received only 50 to 60 percent. No matter how many tries this, good signals are not received.

Troubleshooting - Unbranded, Looks like bad build quality, No warranty, Much cheaper than other LNBs. Avoid taking them. Replace it with a branded LNB.

There is a polarity failure in the LNB -

If you are buying by looking at the price of LNB. So here this problem can happen because this is also a rejected item. Because till now DD Freedish also used the same polarity (Vertical) for its channel, the importing traders used to send the rejected goods to the Indian market. The people of the village used to buy it cheaply. Since now DD Freedish's TV channels have started broadcasting vertically as well as horizontally, now you may have a problem receiving the signal in the new frequency which is Horizontal.

Troubleshooting - Check your set-top box by blind scan, by doing All in FTA mode. Encrypted Paid TV channels will also be scanned by this, in that you can see whether any horizontal channel is coming or not. This will clear you whether the polarity of LNB is correct or wrong.

LNB focal point defective -

If you have experience with such an LNB, then remember that when you rotate the market cheap LNB on the dish antenna or rotate it in a clockwise direction, the connector of the LNB sometimes turns right or left or sometimes even up, only then does the signal comes. Is. That means the focal point of your cheap LNB is bad.

Troubleshooting - By removing this type of LNB, install only branded LNB, in which the connector of the cable remains towards the ground.

The problem in receiving LNB invoices -

Most of the shopkeepers do not give the bill of LNB, and if asked for the bill, they say that 18% GST will be levied separately. Not only in LNB, this excuse is given nowadays for the purchase of 99 percent of things. While this is a lie. Whether LNB is made in India or imported, GST is already paid on it. After this, while selling, the shopkeeper gives GST to the government only out of the profit. Which goes into his pocket without making a bill. While he claims GST from behind and takes a refund. That's why must take the GST invoice.

If still not receiving the signal of the new frequency? To understand why?

If you fill the new frequency manually by going to Add Transponder one by one and you are not getting very little or no signal there, then we will do some troubleshooting here

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