MPEG-2 Slot TEST 503, TEST 405 Vacant on DD Free Dish

Latest Update on 5th September 2023 -

Now two slots are vacant in MPEG-2 on DD Free Dish. That means, two new TV channels can be added in MPEG-2 slots in the upcoming  72nd online e-auction
These two empty slots are as follows. ,
TEST 503 - LCN 77

MPEG-2 Slot TEST 503, TEST 405 Vacant on DD Free Dish

The latest MPEG2 channel list of DD Free Dish has been updated as these two slots become vacant. Check the updated list here

------------------ Old Update ---------------------

You would know that Prasar Bharati has done the 70th online e-auction to fill the MPEG-2 slot of DD Freedish but people had a question that which slot is currently vacant in MPEG-2, then the answer will be found in this slot.

How did this slot become vacant? ,

  1. The channel that has been removed from DD Free Dish is Dilse Movie TV channel which was available on channel number 11.
  2. But due to the vacancy of LCN 11, B4U Bhojpuri was shifted to this channel number which was earlier on channel number 73.
  3. Then when LCN 73 became vacant, Popular TV was shifted to it which was earlier on LCN 74.
  4. Now LCN 74 became vacant so DD Bharati channel was shifted from LCN 77 to LCN 74.
  5. So in this way LCN 77 ie TEST 503 MPEG-2 slot is now vacant on DD Freedish.

Test 520 MPEG-2 slots are vacant on the DD Free Dish platform. You can scan your satellite receiver to find this slot. This satellite feed is without TV channels

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