MPEG-2 slots are lying vacant in DD Free Dish for a long time, so the waiting period is now over. Prasar Bharati declared the result of the 54th e-Auction for vacant MPEG-2 slots.
Total 5 TV channels won the slots in 54th e-Auction, here is the channel list-
  1. Ishara TV - Most demanded Hindi Entertainment TV channel
  2. Showbox - India's Top 5 Hindi Music channel - It is comeback once again in MPEG-2 slot, earlier it was available on MPEG-4 slot.
  3. Sun Marathi - Marathi language brand new channel from Sun Network
  4. Naaptol - 24-hour Shopping TV channel, it is returned on DD Free dish platform after a long time.
  5. Enterr10 Bangla - It is comeback once again in MPEG-2 slot, earlier it was available on MPEG-4 slot.
54th e-Auction Results - 5 New TV channels coming from 16th August

At present, there are about 950+ TV channels in the country which are pay and free. In which there are around 800 free TV channels. But only a few channels participate on DD Free Dish.

Therefore, the next 56th e-auction of DD Free Dish will be an opportunity for all these channels, through which those channels will reach every nook and corner of the country.

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You can understand that even after having 800 free-to-air private TV channels in the country, the number of private TV channels available on DD Free Dish is only around 100+.

However, Prasar Bharati is soon planning to expand to 250 slots on DD Free Dish, after that more and more TV channels will be able to participate.

At present 6 vacant slots (Test 419, Test 420, Test 517, Test 518, Test 519, Test 520) are available in MPEG-2 on DD Free Dish and two slots (Test 621, Test 615) are vacant in MPEG-4 out of which 54th TV channels to be filled through e-auction.

Recently 53rd e-auction was completed on 1st April, you can check the results from here.