Manoranjan TV Started special programs for Kids

If you are bored of watching the same boring movies again and again, then you should tune the Manoranjan TV because now the Manoranjan TV channel has turned into an entertaining channel.

This change in Manoranjan TV is probably due to The Q TV available on DD Free Dish. As soon as The Q channel started airing the most special programs on DD Free Dish, The Q channel started trending in the list of top 10 in BARC rating. 
That is, DD Free dish subscribers is like to watch new and different programs which were well understood by TheQ.

Manoranjan TV has changed its Genre from movies to entertainment

Just on the same map step, maybe now Manoranjan TV changing its genre from movies to entertainment programs, so now you will get to watch very different programs on Manoranjan TV, which is also very fresh. The list of some programs is as follows.
  1. Strong stories
  2. Magical Stories
  3. Adventure Stories

At the moment 3 new shows have started. Soon you may get some more surprises. So today, move the Manoranjan TV from your remote and include it in the entertainment channels and experience the new taste of entertainment.

Note - DD Freedish's TV Broadcaster is kindly requested to send us your channel and program updates at

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