What is the cost of DD free dish?

If you are thinking to install the DD Free Dish system at your home to save monthly subscription charges, yes it is a good option to do it.

Or if you have multiple TV systems in your multiple rooms then DD Freedish is a very good option to watch the news, movies, and serials without any additional monthly cost.

Which accessories are required to Install DD Freedish DTH?

The following are given below accessories required in DD Free dish DTH -
DTH Antenna, Ku-Band Universal LNB, Coax Cable, Set-Top Box

So, now, you would like to know What is the cost of DD free dish? right!

Here we are giving you some ideas so that you can find a suitable DD Free dish system in your local market.

We have found out the retail price of accessories for DD Freedish in the local market, then some of the following figures have come out. Which you can see here.

DD Free Dish LNB, Set-Top Box, Dish Antenna, Cable, Clip, connectors, Remote, Where to Buy, What is Cost

DD Free dish DTH Antenna -

Low-quality Dish / DTH Antenna price - Rs.350-500
Medium Quality Dish / DTH Antenna price - Rs.450-550
High Quality / Heavy Weighted / Imported Dish / DTH Antenna price - Rs.600-800

DD Free Dish LNB -

Unbranded Ku-Band LNB Price - Rs.100-170
Branded Ku-Band LNB Price - Rs.180-350

DD Free Dish Coaxial Cable -

Unbranded RG6 coax cable price Rs.10 to 15 per meter
Branded RG6 coax cable price Rs.15 to 20 per meter

DD Free Dish RG6 connectors -

Normal RG6 Connectors - Rs.2 - 5 per pcs
Compression RG6 Connectors - Rs.18 - 30 per pcs

Other FAQs -

Is DD Free Dish free?

Yes, watching FTA channels on DD Free Dish is free, there is no monthly fee. But requires one-time installation and system cost.

What is the overall cost of the DD Free Dish TV set-top box?


Which setup box is cheaper?

DD Free Dish Set Top Box cost/price -
** Prices may vary due to different brands, quality, and features.

Which setup box is best?

So now you have come to know the market value of the accessories installed in the DD Freedish system. Which you can buy according to your budget or requirement.

How to Install DD Free dish system?

If you have already purchased the above accessories then you contact any DTH dealer shop near your residence and ask to provide an installation person. The installation person can charge you Rs.200 to 350.

You can also contact Doordarshan authorized dealers, ask to provide all the accessories including installation service.

Is DD free dish free of cost?

Now you clearly understand that we have to buy the DD Free dish system (It is a one-time Investment), after that there are no monthly charges.

Can I use any set top box for DD free dish?

Yes, you can use any free-to-air or iCAS Set-Top box for lifetime free TV channels.

Can I use Tata Sky set-top box for DD Direct Plus?

No, You can not use Tata Sky or any other DTH or Cable TV Set-Top box for receiving DD Direct Plus TV channels.

Can I use Sun Direct / Airtel / D2H and Dish TV Set-Top box for DD Free Dish?

No, you can not use any pay DTH set-top boxes for DD Free dish channels.

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