DD Free Dish is a Free satellite TV service by the Indian government (Prasar Bharti) to provide free TV channels to the rural areas or every part of India using satellite technology. DD Free dish launched in 2004, means Today in 2020 it completed over 16 successful years.

Same as other DTH, DD Freedish also migrated and changing its technology. See how -

  1. DD Freedish launched with 30+ TV channels in MPEG-2 quality.
  2. DD Freedish migrated its satellite from Insat 4B to Gsat-15, after migration DD Freedish added MPEG-4 and HD channels. - Read more
  3. HD channels started to provide Dolby digital audio on HD channels including DD News and DD National HD. - Read more
  4. DD Freedish started to provide EPG service on every TV channel. - Read more
  5. DD Freedish authorized local manufacturers to produce set-top box with iCAS (encryption)
  6. Prasar Bharati distributing new technology set-top boxes to Jammu, Kashmir, and other rural areas.

Best Set top box For DD Free dish DTH

So according to the above technology changes, we will let you know, which set-top box is best for DD Freedish channels. We will compare all the technology available in the market.

MPEG-2 Set-Top Box -

If you are planning to buy MPEG-2 free to air Set-Top Box, then you will get only MPEG-2 TV channels. Other channels you will not receive due to different technology.

MPEG-4 / HD Set-top Box -

If you are thinking to buy free to air MPEG-4 HD set-Top box, then you will receive all the MPEG-2 channels, MPEG-4 TV free to air channels, and HD channels. But it will not receive iCAS encrypted TV channels.

DD Freedish iCAS SD Set-Top Box -

This Set-top box is authorized and approved by Prasar Bharti, but it supports only MPEG-4 TV channels. it will receive all the MPEG-2 TV channels and MPEG-4 TV channels including iCAS encrypted TV channels. But It will not receive HD channels.

So now you can think yourself before buying a DD Freedish set-top box.

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