What are advantages of DTT (DVB-T2) Transmission?

What are advantages of DTT (DVB-T2) Transmission?

What are advantages of DTT (DVB-T2) Transmission?

We are getting many queries and questions about DVB-T2 / DTT service of Doordarshan Prasar Bharati. Here are best advantages of this service.

1. Analog TV (ATV) is subject to interference, such as ghosting and snow, depending on the distance and geographical location of the TV receiving the signal. Sometimes you receive clear picture in morning and evening time, and sometimes you get high interference.

2. Analog TV provide single channel in single frequency but in DVB-T2 / DTT you will receive multi channels with radio channels.

3. Digital TV supports Standard Digital TV (SDTV), High Definition TV (HDTV) and Ultra High Definition TV (UHDTV) standards.

4. The DTT signal can also be received on portable and mobile devices including in moving vehicles by using DTT dongle and android tablets and mobiles.

5. The digital transition offers an opportunity to increase the production of local content. This in turn creates job opportunity and increase creativity and entrepreneurship.

6. DTT provides an alternative all weather reliable distribution platforms for viewers. But in DVB-T2 / DTT service you will get clear picture and sound in any time and any weather conditions.  DTT Transmission is free from "ghosting" and "snowing", which are commonly found in analogue TV pictures.

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  • Prasanna Nadagoud
    Prasanna Nadagoud March 25, 2019 at 3:48 PM

    Is it required setup box? or antenna is enough?

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