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What is the DTT box?

DTT Box is a special digital video broadcasting box that can receive terrestrial digital TV signals using DVB-T2 technology. If you have the latest Television set then you should check the Digital TV tuner TV, you can confirm it with your TV manufacturer. If you don't have a Digital TV Tuner inbuilt then you can buy DTT Box which can receive these Doordarshan DTT signals.

A device that converts a DVB-T2 digital signal to analog video and audio signals for a TV channel on a television receiver or other suitable display device. Without the Set Top Box, we would be unable to view the digital television services on our television set if it does not have an inbuilt digital tuner. A DTT tuner allows you to enjoy all of Doordarshan DTT free digital terrestrial TV channels without installing a satellite antenna. 

What is the DTT box?

Prasar Bharati already started its migration to convert analog terrestrial (Traditional) to digital terrestrial. The DTT Boxes can supports 480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080i/1080P resolution as well. In India, DTT boxes are already available with HDMI output for High Definition TV channels and AC3 (Dolby Digital audio) decoding. It also supports EPG (Electronic Programming Guide), whereas traditional terrestrial didn't support EPG or multiple TV channels in a single frequency.

FAQs -

How do I tune into Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)?

If you have an inbuilt DTT tuner in your TV then simply go to installation and auto scan digital terrestrial TV channels or if you have DTT Box then you can follow the same instructions.

What is a DTT / DVB-T2 antenna?

DTT antenna is used in DTT Box and in digital iDTV (inbuilt digital TV tuner).

Do you need an antenna for DVB T2?

Yes, this digital terrestrial technology (DVB-T2) also required a DTT antenna or Yagi antenna.

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