How to set up a dish antenna for Free Dish?

If you want the right signal for the DD Freedish antenna then this information is for you. Here we assume that your DD Freedish set-top box either has no signal or you want to install a new dish antenna.

First of all, you will have to buy the accessories of DD Freedish from the local market, although if it is not available in the local market, then it will be available online through a website like Amazon.

How to set up a dish antenna for Free Dish?

DD Freedish Accessories must have the following:

  • dish antenna
  • Free-to-air set-top box or i-case set-top box
  • Coaxial cable from dish antenna to the set-top box
  • At least two coaxial connectors to connect
  • An LNB to receive the signal from the dish antenna

How do I set my DD Free Dish antenna to get the best signal?

Dish Antenna fitting? (installation) -

  1. Check for the latest frequency of DD Free dish DTH. This information can be obtained from here.
  2. Obtain a satellite dish antenna and a low-noise block downconverter (LNB) from a reputable supplier or brand. The LNB is a device that attaches to the dish and receives the signal from the satellite.
  3. Choose a location for the dish antenna that has a clear, unobstructed view of the eastern sky. This is where GSAT-15 or Doordarshan Direct to Home satellite TV signals are transmitted from. 
  4. Now mount the dish antenna securely on a stable surface, such as a rooftop or a pole. Ensure that the dish is level and pointed in the correct direction using a compass. or you can fit the dish antenna mount ie stand on the ceiling or wall, but keep in mind that the east direction should be completely clear, but now it is not to be tightened now.
  5. Access the signal strength meter on your satellite receiver and check the signal strength. If the signal strength is low, it may be due to improper positioning of the dish antenna or a faulty LNB. Adjust the dish antenna position or replace the LNB if necessary. or Now, look at the fittings of the dish antenna of the neighbors around you. The direction in which they have installed the dish antenna (mainly Dish TV, Zing Digital, or Sun Direct, etc.) is to fit their dish antenna in the same direction.
  6. After installing the dish antenna, remove the coaxial cable and fit the connectors on both sides. Attach the LNB to the dish, aligning it with the focal point of the dish. Now connect this cable to your set-top box and dish antenna or Connect the LNB cable to the receiver.
  7. Connect the receiver to your TV using an HDMI or composite cable. or Now come to the TV and connect the set-top box to the TV via HDMI or AV cable.
  8. Follow the receiver's setup instructions to blind scan for available FTA channels. This may take a few minutes.
  9. Once the receiver has found the available channels, you can start watching free satellite TV channels.
Note that setting up a dish antenna can be a complex task that requires some technical knowledge. If you're unsure about any of the steps, it's always best to seek assistance from a professional DTH installer nearby.

What to do if no signal comes in the free dish?

Now you may see no signal. So for this now you have to put your dish antenna in the right direction or position. Check the quality of the satellite signal by pressing the Info button on your remote.

Now standing behind the dish antenna, move the dish antenna very slowly first left if the signal does not come then right and check the signal.

If you move the strength and quality line back and forth a bit, then it will stop and try to bring as much signal as possible by moving the dish antenna up and down.

As soon as the signal reaches more than 60%, set your dish antenna and tighten it.

Now come to the set-top box and delete all the channels already filled. Then auto or blind scan. Channel type must be FTA or Free while scanning

You will see that more than 180 TV channels have been saved in your set-top box. If you want, you can also scan your set-top box manually. For this, the list of the latest frequencies will be available from here.

If still, you are facing difficulty in installing the DD Freedish system, then tell us through comments, and we will give you information about that question by modifying this post.

your questions-

What does No Program Found mean?

This also means no signal connection of your dish antenna or dish correct antenna signal

What should be the frequency of freedish?

Check out the new frequency of Free Dish from here.

How to set channels in the setup box?

For that, you have to see the setting of the set-top box from here

Which satellite does DD Free Dish have?

G-SAT15 is a freedish satellite

How to set free dish?

For this, you see how to set an umbrella


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