What is DD Free dish E-Auction and its Methodology?

DD Free Dish is a free-to-air direct-to-home (DTH) service provided by the public service broadcaster Prasar Bharati. The platform uses an open-access model where channels can bid for slots through e-auctions.

DD Free Dish conducts e-auctions to allocate slots to interested broadcasters for a specific period. The bidding process is transparent and open to all broadcasters who meet the eligibility criteria. Interested broadcasters have to register for the e-auction on the official website of DD Free Dish and pay a non-refundable participation fee.

During the e-auction, the broadcaster bid for vacant slots available on the DD Free Dish platform. The highest bidder gets the slot, and the bidding process continues until all slots are allocated.

DD Free Dish e-Auction Methodology -

DD Free Dish conducts e-auctions to allocate slots to interested broadcasters. The methodology of the DD Free Dish e-auction is as follows:

Eligibility Criteria -

DD Free Dish sets eligibility criteria for broadcasters to participate in the e-auction. The eligibility criteria may include the number of channels owned by the broadcaster, the duration of the channels, and payment of the participation fee.

e-Auction Registration -

Interested TV broadcasters have to register themselves for the e-auction on the official website of Prasar Bharati. During the registration process, the broadcaster has to submit necessary documents, including a non-refundable participation fee.

DD Free Dish Slot Availability -

DD Free Dish announces the availability of vacant slots for the e-auction. The vacant slots may include a combination of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 slots.

Bidding Process -

During the e-auction, broadcasters can place their bids for the vacant slots. The bidding process is transparent, and the bids are visible to all participants. The broadcaster with the highest bid gets the vacant slot.

Payment and Contract -

After the e-auction is complete, the winning broadcaster has to pay the bid amount within a specified period. Once the payment is made, the broadcaster signs a contract with DD Free Dish for the allocation of the slot.

Channel Activation -

After signing the contract, the winning broadcaster has to submit the necessary documents for the activation of the channel. Once the documents are verified, the channel is activated on the DD Free Dish platform.

The e-auction process is an ongoing process, and DD Free Dish conducts it periodically to ensure maximum utilization of its platform. The addition of new channels through the e-auction process helps in expanding the channel line-up and provides viewers with more choices.

You can find the vacant slot price and its reservation details here.

You can also find currently ongoing or active e-auction processes.

You can find official details from Prasar Bharati -  https://prasarbharati.gov.in/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/E-auction-methodology-27.01.23.pdf

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FAQs -

What is the cost of DD Free Dish?

There is only a one-time system and installation cost, otherwise, it is free for a lifetime. No Monthly activation is required.

How can I buy DD Free Dish channels?

No, You can not buy a subscription for DD Free dish channels.

Which satellites provide DD Free Dish?

DD Free dish service provided by GSAT-15 satellite via Ku-Band high gain transponders.

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