Govt. approves BIND scheme to upgrade Freedish and Radio

The government has launched the BIND scheme to provide financial assistance to Prasar Bharati for the modernization and expansion of Free DTH, Radio, and FM. For this, the government has approved this scheme of Rs 2,539.61 crore. Here BIND Scheme means - Broadcast Infrastructure Network Development Scheme.

Through BIND Scheme -

The following major activities have been planned under the BIND scheme -

  1. This BIND scheme envisages free distribution of DD Free Dish set-top boxes to more than 8 lakh people living in remote, tribal, left-wing extremism, and border areas. Prasar Bharati will soon start working on a plan to decide and select the audience to whom Freedish will be provided free of cost.
  2. This will widen the reach and strategic areas of Prasar Bharati and provide high-quality content to the viewers including Left Wing Extremism areas.
  3. This will increase the coverage of AIR FM (Frequency Modulation) transmitters in the country to 66% geographically and 80% population-wise.
  4. To increase the coverage of AIR FM on the Indo-Nepal border from the existing 48.27% to 63.02%.
  5. Increase in AIR FM coverage from 62% to 76% on the J&K border.
  6. A 20 kW FM transmitter will be installed on a 300 m tower at Rameswaram to cover an area of 30,000 sq km.
  7. Providing rich content including regional languages with a focus on entertainment, health, education, youth, sports, and other public service content.
  8. Strengthening news gathering facilities with quick response capabilities and expanding it to semi-rural areas for an increased share of local and hyperlocal news coverage.
  9. Incorporating new technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality for visually rich program content creation.
  10. Existing up-link stations will be developed with spectrum-efficient technology for the efficient use of satellite transponders.
  11. Efficiency and transparency in governance with effective management of data flow across All India Radio and Doordarshan Network.
  12. Significant increase in digital reach for both domestic and global audiences.

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Government approves BIND scheme to upgrade Freedish and Radio

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