In today's new India, getting a new smart TV is also a hoax?

Yes, it is absolutely true that if you are buying a new Smart TV today, then you will get cheated along with Smart TV. How to understand this example -

Suppose you buy a new smartphone today in 2022, in which everything is the latest in RAM, memory, and operating system i.e. new. But if that smartphone will run only on a 2G network then how would you feel?

So coming to our topic -

Similarly, nowadays, most of the new TVs or smart TVs are being found in the market, and most of them are cheating the customers. The reason is that today in 2022, when the government has also closed the DVB-T terrestrial network and the broadcast of Doordarshan is now happening in digital form, then what can be the justification to sell these TVs with the old terrestrial tuner?

However, if you want to watch Doordarshan channels, radio channels, and other local channels available in your local area for free, then you can buy DVB-T2 set-top box and do the job. Meaning you will have to spend the money again and install a new set-top box self with the TV.

But the TV manufacturer still did not understand the meaning of selling the old TV tuner in the new TV. You try not to buy a TV that has an old tuner installed. Otherwise, you will not be able to watch the radio and broadcast of the Doordarshan channel from the local Doordarshan Kendra of Doordarshan or Prasar Bharati.

If you are thinking I am incorrect, then you can call your TV customer care and ask whether your TV will support new DTT / DVB-T2 digital TV signals or not. 
But If you have already purchased then suggest you buy a digital TV set-top box which is easily available in the market. because it is very important to watch local Doordarshan channels for local rules and regulations and news about missing people, local news, local music, local movies or videos, etc.

So don't TVs come with digital tuners?

Absolutely come. This is what you have to check before buying a new TV. It doesn't matter if you have bought it, but it is very important for those who are buying to know this. He asked the shopkeeper in his local market about this. If you are buying online, then definitely ask about the digital tuner. TVs that come with a digital tuner are also known as iDTVs

In today's new India, getting a new TV or a new smart TV is also a hoax?

For more information and the latest news and updates about DTT / Digital TV (DTV), check other information.

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FAQs -

Is iDTV available in India?

Yes of course. Indian TV manufacturers are now launching TVs with digital tuners. You have to pay attention before you buy.

What is IDTV?

IDTV stands for Integrated Digital Television, which is a specific type of television with a digital tuner inside.

What's the harm in getting a TV with an old tuner?

By buying a TV with an old tuner you will not be able to get Prasar Bharati i.e. Local Doordarshan Channels, National Doordarshan Channels, DD News, All India Radio Channels, Local Private TV Channels, etc. broadcast by Local Doordarshan Kendra by Government of India. However, by buying a new DTT set-top box, you can make up for this shortcoming. But you must know about this information.

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