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Doordarshan shuts down (ATTs) Analog Transmission

The analog terrestrial transmission of Doordarshan will become history after some time, mainly because of the steps taken by Prasar Bharati to change the technology. which is the following.

  • The status quo will be maintained in the strategic areas i.e. Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, Sikkim, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and Lakshadweep for 54 ATT (Analog Terrestrial Transmission).
  • 151 ATT (Analog Terrestrial Transmission) (of which 43 ATT and 108 Digital Ready ATT in the North Eastern States) will be operated in a single shift from now on till its closure by 31st March 2022.
  • 109 ATTs (Analog Terrestrial Transmission) operated in LWE/border/aspirational areas will be operated in a single shift with immediate effect and will be closed till 31st December 2021, giving some more time for the promotion of DD Freedish will get.
  • 152 ATTs in the remaining areas will be closed by 31 October 2021. CTI is working in about 37 ATT places. These ATTs can be closed however further action can be taken on the basis of investigation and further decisions will be taken.
  • DD ATT sites that were privately hired and no AIR/FM exist which are proposed to be vacated.

  • Why did analog transmission need to be discontinued?

    Committees of TRAI, MIB, BARC, MIB, etc. The use of frequencies used by Doordarshan for Analog Terrestrial Transmission (ATT) was explored. These committees found that the method of television broadcasting by analog terrestrial transmission (ATT) was now irrelevant, apart from being inefficient.

    The Expert Committee on Prasar Bharati in January 2014 recommended the spread of alternative technologies and the adoption of DD Free Dish DTH (DD Direct Plus) as the primary medium of broadcast for Doordarshan. Also, asked to stop the broadcast of Analog Terrestrial TV after some hiatus.

    Why did analog transmission need to be discontinued? So the old antenna is of no use? Analog transmission is already closed in major cities

    So the old antenna is of no use?

    Where analog terrestrial transmission (ATT) has been stopped and digital transmission has not started, there are no longer used, but where digital transmission is going on, this antenna can be used again.

    Know about the old antenna used in Doordarshan

    Analog transmission is already closed in major cities -

    Analog transmission has already stopped in major cities of India and digital transmission has now started on the same frequency. Earlier, only the Doordarshan channel used to come on the same frequency, now with the introduction of digital broadcasting, 8 channels are running that too in the digital picture and sound quality.

    Prasar Bharati now has the option to add private TV channels in local cities through e-auction in this digital transmission broadcast, same as private FM radios.

    But for the time being, where analog transmission has been discontinued, people will be encouraged to switch to DD Free Dish. However, 98 percent of India's population is already using DD Free Dish, other DTH, or cable TV.

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