Is DD Free Dish free of cost?

Lots of visitors asking questions in the comment section Is DD Free Dish free of cost? So here you will get the answer to this question in short.

Yes, It is 100% correct that it is a free-of-cost service for viewing FREE TV channels lifetime. There is no monthly subscription.

Is it really DD Free Dish free of cost?

No, You have to invest a one-time setup/Installation cost including its FTA System accessories. You can check its approximate price for all the accessories.

Having free of cost what is the cons?

Yes, India's only free-of-cost service there are some cons because it is free.

  • You can not add a Pay TV channel on your request.
  • There is no customer support like other private DTH services.
  • There is no Video-on-demand service.
  • There is no movie on-demand service.
  • There is no official installation service, you have to find an Installer from your local shop or electronics shop.

What are the Benefits :

  • There is no monthly subscription. if you have one and more rooms in your home then you can install Freedish box on other TV sets. You don't have to pay extra.
  • There are School level Education Television channels included so your children can take live classes from home.
  • There are graduation and post-graduation level education television channels included so your teen and college students can take live classes from home.
  • If you want digital education about digitization then the digital channel DIGISHALA is also included.
  • You can also remind your older days with a radio voice then you can listen to about 25+ radio channels available in every language including Vividh Bharati, All India Radio, and FM Rainbow.
  • You can play Music, movies, and videos direct from your Pendrive/hard drive using any HD FTA Set-Top Box. This facility is not available in other DTH.
  • You can record live TV channels to watch later. This facility is available on selected FTA HD satellite Receivers.
  • You can also watch HD channels without any subscription. Currently, the DD National channel is available in High-quality pictures and sound.
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