How can be increase the number of channels?

MPEG-4 Slot -

It is a special slot that broadcasts the TV channel to the TV channel in MPEG-4 quality. In this, the size of audio and video is half as compared to before and the quality of watching and listening is also better.

To receive MPEG-4 TV channels, users must have a MPEG-4 supported set-top box.

But if you are thinking of getting a new box, then go with DVB-S2X and HEVC. Because in the future Prasar Bharati may use HEVC/H.265 technology to increase the channel. Like from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4.  Now HEVC / H.265 is the next latest compression technology.

Let's understand this by example -

The amount of bandwidth or space in a MPEG-2 channel used.

  • One MPEG-2 channel = Two MPEG-4 channels play in that brandwidth or space.
  • Two MPEG-4 Channels - Supports up to four HEVC/H.265 channels in the same bandwidth or space


Four HEVC / H.265 channels will play in the same bandwidth or space as a MPEG-2 channel used.

How can increase the number of channels?

Benefits of adopting new technology -

Channels of DD Freedish can be increased from 150 to 600. If HEVC/H.265 technology is fully adopted, then.

  • The only problem with this is that all the old boxes will become useless. Like 2G phones ended with the arrival of 4G smartphones. But by adopting new technology, buying in a sluggish market increases.
  • People will get more and more channels for free.
  • Prasar Bharati's earnings will increase with the increase in slots.
  • Having more slots can reduce the slot price, which can also add to medium income TV channels.
  • The picture and sound quality of HEVC / H.265 technology is many times better than mpeg-2 and MPEG-4.
  • Slots can also be reserved for HD channels on Freedish.

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