DD Freedish is India' FREE dth service. If you have free to air set-top box and want to configure again.
Then here we will let you know LNB frequency

You must have this setting in Antenna setting

Satellite name - GSAT 93.5
LNB Type - Universal - Ku Band
LNB Frequency - 09750- 10600
Mode - FTA Only
22K - Auto
Service - TV and Radio
What is the LNB frequency of DD free dish?

Then you can press the button for Blind Scan or Auto-Scan.

If you want to search manually then you can add or edit transponder details.
TP Frequency -
Symbol Rate -
Pol- Auto
Scan Type - Manually,
Mode - FTA channels only

Does running an old LNB match with a new mpeg4 free dish set-top box?

Yes, You no need to change current LNB, if it is working fine. The same LNB will be suitable for both type set-top boxes.

Is LNB for paid channels is different?

No, You can use the same Ku-band LNBF for Paid and Free to air TV channels.

Please let us know if you have any other queries which we can help you.

You can get DD Freedish Frequency or TP Frequency from here.