Which LNB is the best for DD Free Dish DTH?

DD Free dish is using GSAT-15 satellite's Ku-Band powerful transponder which is providing high gain in all over India including city, town, and villages.

So it doesn't matter you are living in a city, or a rural area. Just install a DD Free dish system ( Set-Top Box + LNB + Dish TV Antenna + Coaxial Wire + RG6 Connectors ) to GSAT-15 satellite at 93.5 degree east.

So as you have been told that the GSAT-15 satellite uses Ku Band, then you will need Ku-Band LNB only. You should use Universal Ku-Band LNB only to be installed on the DD Free Dish antenna.

Setting up a Local LNB?

Most of the traders in the market give you cheap LNB without warranty or guarantee but this LNB fails to give a better signal to your set-top box. Here's a look at what problems you can face with a bad LNB.

  • When you rectify the signal of one transponder, the other one goes
  • Not all frequencies get signals in your set-top box.
  • Most of the frequency signals come more or less.
  • The use of bad plastic breaks the LNB in the sun.
  • LNB gets damaged within a year. So that you need to buy again.
  • signal drop
  • Not being able to catch the MPEG-4 signal is a problem.

Setting up Original LNB -

If you are buying an original Ku-Band LNB for your Doordarshan free dish, then you should know first that how to pick the right LNB for your satellite dish antenna. Here you can check few best things.
  • Original / branded LNB is a one-time investment because it works 5-8 years easily.
  • Branded LNB provides the best satellite TV signal without high noise.
  • It is best suitable for DVB-S / DVB-S2 signals
  • It also provides enhance signals during rainy seasons.

Which Ku LNB is best for DD Free Dish System?

You will find many brands or local Ku-Band LNB in ​​the market but you should buy the same Universal LNB which has a warranty or guarantee. Still, you should check a few things.

  • Ask the merchant or shopkeeper about the warranty of LNB
  • If LNB is not working properly then ask for a replacement
  • Always buy branded LNB such as Sharp, Inverto, Solid, which are also being used by other DTH companies.
  • Before buying, check whether Universal is LNB or Unicable. You should only buy Universal.
  • The LNB must have a rubber boot so that the LNB and cable connections do not get water during rains.
Which LNB is best for DD Free Dish TV DTH?

Will any LNB work with any free dish?

Yes. But keep in mind that the type of LNB should be universal. Because DTH companies also use Unicable LNB which does not run in all set-top boxes.

Hope now you will keep these things in mind before buying LNB and you will not have to worry during the rainy season or near future.

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FAQs -

How do you find the LNB frequency?

You can find the LNB frequency from here.

How to compare the best LNB?

You can compare Best LNB from here.

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