How to fill new frequency in MPEG-4 FTA set-top box of Free Dish

If you have MPEG-4 Free-to-Air DD Free dish Set-Top Box, then don't worry, you can install your Set-Top box DD Free dish channels by inserting the TP list manually.

To Tune / Scan / Search your set-top box, do as given below, or you can delete all TV channels, Auto Scan, or Blind Scan, then all the channels will come automatically in your box.

Here you can fill new frequency in MPEG-4 FTA set-top box of Free Dish

Procedure to retune/ rescan of Set Top Box for Existing Viewers:-
1. Press the “Menu” button on the Remote of the FTA MPEG-4 Set-Top Box.
2. Select “Installation”.
3. Go to “Manual Search”.
4. Select Satellite Name (Select /Edit)
5. Select / Change TP List.
6. Enter Frequency ( for TP1) to 11090 MHz.
7. Edit/Change Symbol Rate to 29500Ksps and Polarization to “Vertical”
8. SAVE / OK the setting and SCAN the SET TOP Box.
9. Press the “EXIT” Button on Remote.
10. Similarly EDIT, SAVE and SCAN the following TP to get all TV and Radio Channels.

(You can press Blue Button from your remote to Scan your frequency)

Now you will see given below window -

Here you can see remote color codes.

  • Press Red Button from Remote - For Edit the Frequency
  • Press Green Button from Remote - Add new Frequency
  • Press Yellow Button from Remote - To Delete Current Frequency
  • Press Blue Button from Remote - To Search TV channels from selected frequency.
Now Wait for 2-3 minutes, till the search is complete by 100%. But if you are not getting a signal, it means there is a signal issue. So please check Signal Level and Signal Quality. If it is below 50% then it will not search DD Free dish channels, now you have adjusted your dish antenna.

If you have a MPEG-2 Set-Top box then the Set-Top box installation procedure is different, you can check from here.

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  2. STBs for DD Free Dish should have a system of auto update like other STBs. DD Free Dish is changing it's channel numbers very frequently which is not a convenient issue for viewers. Please look into this matter.
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