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Watch Greatest Series Upanishad Ganga on DD Bharati Channel

The Upanishad Ganga program is a treasure trove of stories. Which you may have never heard of. This story reflects the concept of Upanishads. Who discovers Vedic culture. This is a huge effort to highlight India's glorious heritage, through this program.

In which you will know how arithmetic was discovered in India and through it, texts were written about astrology. Like Karan Kautuhl. In the book Karan Kautuhl it is told that when the moon covers the sun, the solar eclipse and when the Earth's shadow covers the moon, the moon eclipses. This was great ancient India.

That is, without sending rockets, our ancient Indian scientists have given the same interpretation of solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, etc.

Watch Upanishad Ganga Episodes in HD

You must watch this program with your family so that you can be proud of your culture. Doordarshan is once again bringing the same knowledge to let you know what India was before.

Don't forget to watch this Upanishad Ganga every day, only on your own cultural channel DD Bharati at 6 pm, just before the Mahabharata.

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  1. Is upanishad ganga over in DD national? I watched till 23 June. After that I could not see. No notification.


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