Before you buying New LCD / LED TV, You must know that?

If you are going to buy an LCD / LED TV for your home/office then you must check that your new TV set's inbuilt tuner is a digital or analogue?

Can we watch Doordarshan without the set-top box?

If any LCD / LED TV has a built-in TV tuner that is analogue then it will not receive DOORDARSHAN channels by using a traditional terrestrial antenna because DOORDARSHAN already stopped analogue broadcast.

How can I watch DD on my smart TV?

So if you are going to purchase any company LED / LCD TV, you must check that new LCD / LED TV built-in tuner should is digital so that you can enjoy up to 10 DOORDARSHAN TV channels anytime anywhere by using a simple terrestrial antenna without any subscription.

If your current TV doesn't have a digital tuner, then you have to buy a digital set-top box for receiving Doordarshan DTT service.

Which setup box is best for Smart TV?

You can buy SOLID HDT2-7050 and HDT2S2-6600, we have tested both boxes.

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image source: India website

Note: Currently DVB-T2 or DTT Service is suspended by Doordarshan Kendra due to some upgrading. Kindly wait for the update.
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