Before you buying New LCD / LED TV, You must know that?

If you are going to buy LCD / LED TV for your home / office then you must check that your new TV set inbuilt tuner is a digital or analogue?

Can we watch Doordarshan without set-top box?

If any LCD / LED TV have built-in TV tuner is analogue then it will not receive DOORDARSHAN channels by using traditional terrestrial antenna because DOORDARSHAN already stopped analogue broadcast.

How can I watch DD on my smart TV?

So if you are going to purchase any company LED / LCD TV, you must check that new LCD / LED TV built in tuner should be digital so that you can enjoy up to 10 DOORDARSHAN TV channels anytime anywhere by using simple terrestrial antenna without any subscription.

If your current TV doesn't have a digital tuner, then you have to buy a digital set-top box for receiving Doordarshan DTT service.

Which setup box is best for Smart TV?

You can buy SOLID HDT2-7050 and HDT2S2-6600, we have tested both the boxes.

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Although some iDTV models already available in market, please check given below list.

TV Size (inches)
LG (TV Models Name)
SAMSUNG  (TV Models Name)
SONY  (TV Models Name)
32LH520D, 32LH576D, 32LH602D, 32LH604T, 32LJ522D, 32LJ523D,
32LJ525D, 32LJ530D, 32LJ542D, 32LJ548D, 32LJ573D, 32LJ616D, 32LJ618U
J5570, K5570
43LH520T, 43LH576T, 43LH595T, 43LH600T, 43LJ522T, 43LJ523T, 43LJ525T, 43LJ231T, 43LJ548T, 43LJ554T, 43LJ617T, 43LJ619T,
43LJ619V, 43UH617T, 43UH650T, 43UH750T, 43UJ632T, 43UJ652T, 43UJ752T
J5570, K5570,
KU6470, KU6570
KDL40W700C, KDL42W700B, KDL42W900B,
KDL43W800C, KDL43W950C, KD43X8500C,
KDL43W800D, KD43X8300D, KDL43W950D,
49LH576T, 49LH595T, 49LH600T, 49LJ523T, 49LJ554T, 49LJ617T, 49LJ617V, 49SJ800T, 9UH650T, 49UH770T, 49UH850T,  9UJ632T, 49UJ652T, 49UJ752T
J5570, JU6470, JU6670, K5570, KU6570
KDL48W600B, KDL48W700C, KD49X8500B, KD49X8500C, KD49X8300D, KDL50W800B, KDL50W900B, KDL50W800C, KDL50W950C, KDL50W800D, KDL50W950D
55LH600T, 55LJ550T, 55SJ800T, 55SJ850T,
55UH617T, 55UH650T, 55UH770T, 55UH850T, 55UJ632T, 55UJ652T,
JU6470, K5570, KU6470, KU6570
KDL55W950B, KD55X8500B, KD55X9000B, KD55X8500C, KDL55W800C, KD55X9000C, KD55X9300C, KDL55W800D, KD55X8500D, KD55X9300D, KD55X9350D
60UH770T, 65SJ800T, 65SJ850T, 65UH770T, 65UH850T, 65UJ632T, 65UJ752T,  LED65B6T, OLED65B7T, OLED65C7T, OLED65E6T, OLED65E7T
JU6470, KU6470
KD65X9000B, KD65X9000C, KD65X9300C,
KD65X8500D, KD65X9300D, KD65X9350D
75SJ955T, 75UH656T, 79UH953T
KD79X9000B, KD75X9400C, KD75X9400D

Tags : dtt tv models, digital terrestrial television tv models, iDTV (integrated DVB-T tuner), idtv price

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