If you have bought recently digital TV or you have DVB-T2 set-top box and want to watch DTT free-to-air TV channels then you need a yagi antenna to receive digital signals, but SOLID brand launched best solution for DTT viewers "indoor Digital TV antenna".

This is a special designed antenna for digital terrestrial TV (DTT) broadcasting reception. It is the best solution for home reception and digital portable TV reception. The antenna is active that can be used with TV or digital receiver, which supports coaxial cable powering or USB cable powering.

DTT is advance technology by Doordarshan, you will get high quality picture and audio quality. Analog TV (ATV) is subject to interference, such as ghosting and snow, depending on the distance and geographical location of the TV receiving the signal where digital TV (DTV) is latest technology. The DTT transmitters have lower power requirements than traditional analogue transmitters. The signals can be received easily by moving vehicles and mobile phones.

Now DTT (Digital TV) indoor antenna available in India

Here you can see few question and answer about this product:
Where you can use this DTT indoor antenna?
This antenna is suitable with all Digital TV enabled tuner. Now a day’s all LCD / LED TVs are coming with digital TV tuners so you can use this antenna to receive DTT signals. (For digital TV tuner, you should verify this information from TV manufacturers or manual).
You can also connect this indoor antenna with your DVB-T2 set-top box or DVB-T2 mobile tuner.

Does it require any power?
Its depend on your signal area, if you are living in high signal area then you no need to enable power option from your set-top box. If you are living in low signal area then you can "ON" power from your set-top box. In this DTT antenna already signal amplifier inbuilt which will work after enabling power from DTT device.

Where you can buy it?
It is available online stores like Amazon, SOLID, marginbaba etc.