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Aastha Bhajan Channel added on MPEG-4 Slot on DD Freedish - 15 May 2019

Aastha Bhajan is a 24 x 7 spiritual/devotional TV channel in India. You can enjoy Hindi Bhajan 24X7.
The channel was already available on DD Freedish earlier in MPEG-2 quality but now it has been added to MPEG-4 slot.

How to get Aastha Bhajan Channel in DD Freedish?
At this time, Aastha Bhajan and other channels are temporary basis free to air on MEGP-4 slot but later it will be encrypted by iCAS.
If you have iCAS enabled set-top box then you will enjoy the Aastha Bhajan without any trouble

If you already have MPEG-4/ HD set-top box then you can enjoy till in FTA mode, Here is the frequency of the channel :
Satellite - GSAT 15
Position - 93.5 Degree East
LNB Frequency - 09750-10600 (Universal Ku-Band)
TP Frequency - 11630
Symbol Rate - 29500
Quality - MPEG-4
Mode - Temp FTA
Encryption - Yes (iCAS)

For more updates of DD Freedish iCAS channels, you can visit us on DD Freedish iCAS section.