Which is best DD Free dish?

DD Free Dish is a popular Direct-to-Home (DTH) service offered by the public broadcaster Doordarshan in India. As it is a free-to-air service, there are no monthly subscription charges, but users have to pay for the set-top box and installation charges.

DD Free Dish offers a range of channels in different languages, including Hindi, English, regional languages, and even some international channels. However, the channel selection is limited compared to other DTH services, and the picture and sound quality may not be as good.

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As for which is the best DD Free Dish?

it depends on your personal preferences and the channels you want to watch. You can check the list of available channels and their frequencies here and choose a free-to-air set-top box that suits your budget or features.



If Your Budget is Rs.800 or below

MPEG-2 SD Box, Audio Amplifier

If your Budget is Rs.800 to Rs.2000

MPEG-2+MPEG-4 + HD, Live TV Recording, USB Playback, DLNA, SATIP, Wifi, YouTube App

If Your Budget is Rs.2000 to Rs.5000

MPEG-2+MPEG-4 + HD, Live TV Recording, USB Playback, DLNA, SATIP, Wifi, OTT Apps, Games, Bluetooth Remote

Note: Do not forget to verify features at the time of purchase. Different-2 make and models have different-2 features. The above figure is just a suggestion or idea.

It is also worth noting that DD Free Dish has been transitioning to a new technology called MPEG-4, which allows for better picture and sound quality and more channels. So if you are planning to buy a DD Free Dish set-top box, it may be a good idea to choose one that supports MPEG-4 technology.

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