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What are 22K / Horizontal and Vertical Option in Set-Top Box?

What are the 22K and Horizontal / Vertical signals in the DD Free dish Box?

What is 22K in free dish?

22KHz in DD Free dish -

If you are using Ku-Band LNB then it is already inbuilt 22KHz Tone control, which automatically scans Ku-Band satellite TV channels from the Lower band ( 09750) to the upper band (10600) LNB frequency.

A Universal LNB has a switchable local oscillator frequency of 9.75/10.60 GHz to provide two modes of operation -

  • Low band reception (10.70–11.70 GHz) 
  • High band reception (11.70–12.75 GHz)

The local oscillator frequency is switched in response to a 22 kHz signal superimposed on the supply voltage from the connected DD Free dish receiver.

The "Universal" DD Free dish LNB switches polarisation with voltage but it also switches its internal oscillator for "High Band 10600" when it "hears" a 22kHz tone. Specifically, the oscillator changes from 9750 MHz to 10600 MHz.

If your LNB is not switching the internal oscillators automatically then you can use a 22KHz switch. the 22KHz analog tone switches automatically switch between two LNBs or lower and upper bands which allows reception from multiple satellites with any 22KHz compatible receiver.

If you are using a 22KHz switch then you have to create two satellites in your DD Free dish free-to-air set-top box, in the first Satellite 22KHz is put ON manually, and in another satellite, it should be in OFF condition. Now scan both satellites by using blind scan/auto scan function with FTA mode ON.

What are 22K / Horizontal and Vertical in DD Free dish Box?  Know What is 22KHz in DD Free dish and Horizontal and Vertical signal in DD Free Dish

a 22k switch can be also used in place of a 2x1 Diseqc switch if you are using two dish antennas in a single set-top box to receive satellite TV channels from different-2 angles. But if you are using Universal LNB then no need to use a 22KHz switch. This trick is only for C-Band LNBFs.

What are Horizontal and Vertical in freedish?

Horizontal and Vertical signal in DD Free Dish -

If the supply voltage from your set-top box going up to the DD Free dish LNB is less than 13 volts, the LNB will "see" only vertically polarised signals. If the voltage is more than 15-18 volts, it will "see" only horizontally polarised signals. So when you are selecting in your set-top box "Vertical" it means you are selecting 13 volts, and If you are selecting "Horizontal" it means you are selecting an 18-volt power supply.

You can find more related technical information here.

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