How to retune your FreeDish MPEG-4 HD FTA Set top box?

 DD Free Dish is providing 158+ TV channels. However, if you are still unable to watch any channel or you missing any TV channel, then retune or auto-scan your set-top box immediately.

DD Free dish offering about 50+ Educational TV channels, 135 other general categories channels including in MPEG-2 Slot and MPEG-4 slot.

If you have a traditional MPEG-2 set-top box, then you can learn here, how to auto scan.

Follow these steps to retune your DD Free Dish HD set-top box:

- Press the 'Menu' button on your remote and a menu will display on your TV screen. But make sure you have set your dish antenna correctly.

- Select 'Installation' and click on 'OK'

- A new menu will open on the screen.

- Select 'Satellite List or Single Satellite' and click on 'OK'

Users can add / edit/delete and search the Satellites /TPs in the Main Menu / Installation window. 

Press [Menu]/[Exit] to exit from the current menu. 

5.1 Satellite List

Press [Left/Right] to move the highlight from the satellite list at the left side to the satellite parameter area at the right side. Press [Menu]/[Exit] to return to the left-side satellite list.

When a satellite is highlighted, press [OK] to select or de-select the satellite. Press [Info] to select or de-select all satellites.

5.1.1 Edit Satellite

Press the Green key to enter the Edit Satellite menu in which the satellite name, longitude direction

, and the longitude angle can be modified.

5.1.2 Add Satellite

Press the Red key to add a satellite and edit the new satellite’s name, longitude direction and longitude angle.

5.1.3 Delete Satellite

Press the Yellow key or [Del] key to enter the DEL mode.

5.1.4 Scan Satellite

Press the Blue key to enter the Satellite Search menu as shown below:

1) Single Satellite Search: When ‘Single Satellite 

Search’ is selected, highlight the Satellite field to select a satellite to be searched.

2) FTA Only: Select Yes or No in this field.

Yes: Only search FTA channels,

No: Search FTA and encrypted channels.

3) Scan Channel: Select TV+Radio, TV Channel or Radio Channel in this field.

4) Scan Mode: Select Blind Scan or Full Scan in this field. 

5) Search: Highlight ‘Search’ and press [OK] or [Right] key to enter the search menu and start searching for channels.

- Select any one satellite, Press Blue Button for "Search".

- Now it will show another "Search Window"

- Now change your DD Free Dish HD Box settings or this Window setting as above. 
- Now press 'OK' on Search. Soon the process of the blind scan will be visible promptly on your screen.

After complete this search to 100%. Press the 'Menu' button once again to return to the home screen. If you are not getting all the channels then you can add the TP list manually, as below.

5.2 Transponder

Highlight a satellite in the Satellite List and press [GOTO] key. The TP list including all TPs 

for the satellite will display as shown in the right figure:

Press [Up/Down] key to move the highlight in the TP list. 

Press [Right/Left] key to switch to the satellite parameter area at the right side. Press [Menu] 

to switch back to the left side. 

Press [GOTO] in the TP list window to return to the satellite list window.

5.2.1 Edit TP

Press the Green key (Edit) to enter the Edit window in which the download 

frequency, symbol rate, and polarity can be modified.

5.2.2 Add TP

Press the Red key [Add] to add a new satellite and edit the 

Freq/SR/Pol of the new satellite

5.2.3 Delete TP

Press the Yellow key [Delete] to enter the delete window. delete the specified

Frequency point by pressing the Yellow key or delete all Frequency points by pressing the Blue key.

5.2.4 Scan TP

Under the TP interface, press the Blue key to enter the TP Search window, Scan Mode: 

1)‘Normal’ – 

Search a certain program transmitted by the current TP according to the specified conditions; 

 ‘PID’ – Search the program with the specified PID. 

2)FTA Only: 

Yes – Only search FTA channels; 

No – Search FTA and encrypted channels. 

3)Scan Channel

Select TV+ Radio, TV Channel or Radio in this field. 

4)Network Search: 

Yes – Perform NIT searching; 

No – Do not perform NIT searching. 


Press [OK] to start searching.

5.3 Satellite Parameter

5.3.1 DiSEqC1.2 

1)Press the [Right] key to move the highlight to the satellite parameter list at the right side.

2)When ‘LNB Freq’ is set to ‘Unicable’, the menu will change as follows:

3) 22K: When ‘LNB Freq’ is set to the item other than ‘Universal’, users can select On/Off by pressing the [Left/Right] key. Only when ‘LNB Freq’ is set to ‘Universal’, ‘Auto’ will be selected and grayed out automatically in this field. 

4)Motor: The default setting is ‘None’ (fixed antenna). If ‘DiSEqC1.2’ or ‘USALS’ is selected, the Motor function is supported.

5)When ‘DiSEqC1.2’ or ‘USALS’ is selected in ‘Motor Setup’ field, the other parameters mentioned above (such as LNB Type, Polarity, 22K, DiSEqC1.0, DiSEqC1.1) shall be unchanged; When returning to this window from the DiSEqC1.2 or USALS antenna parameter menu, these satellite parameters shall be still unchanged.

6)The on-screen display when DiSEqC1.2 is selected is shown as follows:

Function & operation:

1) Highlight ‘DiSEqC1.2’ and press [OK] to enter the DiSEqC1.2 antenna parameter setup window.

2) To switch satellites, return to the previous menu, re-select a satellite and then enter the DiSEqC1.2 

setup menu again. Note that the Motor rotator can only be used for the currently used satellite. 

3) Position No. & Save: Select ‘Position No.’. 

4) Highlight ‘Go to X’ and press [OK] to turn the antenna to the specified position.

5) Highlight ‘Save’ and press [Left] ([Right]) key once to turn the antenna towards the west (east).

6) Select ‘Save’ and press [OK] to save the position.

7) Select ‘Recalculation’ and press [OK]. A dialog indicating ‘Are you sure re-calculate all satellite positions?’ appears. Click [Yes] to perform calculation again and exit from the dialog, or click ‘No’ to exit from the dialog without performing the calculation.

8) In the satellite parameter list, when ‘DiSEqC1.2’ is selected in the ‘Motor Setup’ field, press the functional key [Delete All]. A dialog ‘Are you sure to clear set satellite positions of this tuner?’ appears. Click [Yes] to delete all positions, or click [No] not to delete any position.

5.3.2 USALS

1)The on-screen display when ‘USALS’ is selected is shown as follows

2)Highlight ‘USALS’ and press [OK] to enter the Antenna Setup menu 

5.3.3 Limit Setup

When ‘DiSEqC1.2’ or ‘USALS’ is selected in ‘Motor Setup’ field, press the Red key to enter the Limit Setup menu.

Function & operation:

1) Limit Selection: Select the Limit setting. 

2) Save: Highlight ‘Save’ and press [OK] to save the limit setting.

3) Save: Highlight ‘Save’ and press [Left] ([Right]) key, the antenna will turn towards west (east).

4) Go to Reference: Highlight ‘Go to Reference’ and press [OK]. The antenna will turn to the reference point and the message ‘Please wait for moving dish to reference point’ will appear.

Dear DD Free dish HD viewers, you can now enjoy a lot number of channels than before.

We have used SOLID HDS2-6105 HD FTA Set-Top Box.

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    kannafa move chanelsstarte pl

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    Vijay Raj May 22, 2021 at 2:14 PM

    We are not getting and South Indian channels, please check about it... And try to add few more Kannada , Tamil, Telugu n Malayalam channels

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    My free dd dish not showing all channels after setting as suggested above .

    Please advise

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