DD Free dish Satellite signals impacted by weather in rainy seasons. Because DD Free Dish uses Ku-Band signals to broadcast TV signals from the GSAT-15 satellite, which is located at 93.5 degrees east. Although, other DTH services also use Ku-Band satellite signals to broadcast DTH TV signals.

As you know, DD Free dish use Satellite technology(Ku-Band) to broadcast TV signals to STB. Satellite signals are often lost during bad storms as the clouds and the associated lightning can disrupt the signal and prevent it from reaching the dish. Often when this happens the best thing to do is wait until the rain passes.
How to watch DD Free Dish in Rain / Bad weather?

The wavelength of microwave downlink frequency used in any DTH broadcast is comparable to the diameter of raindrops, and therefore the wave cannot just pass through it without being substantially attenuated. Hence the loss of DTH signal during rains occurs. anybody maybe disturbing but there are no easy ways out.

Why does cable TV run when it's rainy season but DD Free dish does not?

C-band signals are less focused compared to Ku-Band Signals (higher satellite frequencies). This is due to the longer wavelength in C Band. Here less focused signals mean that these signals are less affected by rain.

Most of Cable operators/broadcasters use only C-Band dish antenna to receive signals, then they transfer these signals to viewers home by using coaxial cable and amplifiers.

So now you can understand why Cable TV less affected by rain than any DTH service or DD Free dish.  So heavy rains may result in a temporary outage in the DTH signal.

DD Free Dish DTH Rain problem solution -

Dish Antenna Size -

You can increase the size of the dish antenna if your area comes in heavy rainfall. You should use a 90cm DTH antenna.

Signals leakage -

You should check all the Coaxial cable and connectors to stop signal leakage. You must use branded and high-quality Coaxial cable and connectors to stop signal losses.

High-Quality LNB -

You should use only branded LNBs to increase signal stability. You can check reputed brands like Sharp, SOLID, Power-ox, etc.

Covering your Antenna with Spray -

You can spray your DD Freedish antenna with a non-stick cooking spray oil. This spray prevents raindrops from clinging to the DTH antenna, which can cause it to receive DD Free dish signals erratically. You will need to spray the satellite antenna at least once every three months