Vedic TV channel shifted on MPEG-4 Slot TEST 615

Updated on 1st April 2023 -

Vedic TV shifted to MPEG-4 Slot Channel Number 109, Earlier this channel was available on Channel Number 11 on the MPEG-2 slot. Now Dilse movie channel added.

Vedic TV shifted on MPEG-4 Slot Channel Number 109

Updated 9th March 2023 -
Vedic TV Channel shifting to MPEG-4 Slot from 1st April 2023, The Channel will be removed from the MPEG-2 slot.

Updated - 1st April 2022
The Vedic channel now added to the MPEG-2 slot, won the 58th online e-Auction.

Updated - 31st March 2020
Vedic channel removed from DD Freedish MPEG-4 slot.

Updated on 07/01/2020
This is good news for DD Freedish viewers who are demanding devotional TV channels, Finally, DD Free dish 40th e-auction result was declared and 3 devotional TV channels were added to the platform.

Vedic TV channel is an Indian television channel that primarily broadcasts spiritual and religious content. The channel is owned and operated by Vedic Broadcasting Limited, which is a media company based in India.

The Vedic TV channel offers programs related to Sanatan Dharma, including discourses, devotional songs, and spiritual talks by eminent spiritual leaders and scholars. The channel also telecasts live coverage of various religious events and festivals from various parts of India.

The Vedic TV channel also features programs related to health and wellness, lifestyle, and culture. 

The 40th e-auction was announced only for devotional channels, as you know recently DD Free dish revised its policy and added "R1 Bucket" to reserve 3 slots for devotional TV channels. (Sanskar TV, Aastha TV & Vedic TV)
So DD Free dish added 3 devotional TV channels as pro-rata basis from 15 April 2019 to 31 May 2019. Vedic Channel is one of them which is now available on DD Free dish.

Vedic TV channel Frequency, Vedic TV channel Channel Number

Vedic Channel MPEG-4 Frequency -:





 Slot No.

Test 615

Channel No.


LNB Frequency


TP Frequency




Symbol Rate










Audio PID


Video PID


Vedic Channel History on DD Freedish:
  • Vedic Channel shifted on MPEG-4 slot at channel Number  1st April 2023
  • Vedic channel added DD Free dish DTH on - 15/04/2019 (11550/V/29500)
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    Please add star utsav, Rishtey,zee Anmol, Soni pal etc entertainment channel

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    Thanks a lot for providing information.

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    Old chanel given the ddf pix

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    Dd free dish par filme channel aayegi yaa nahi ?

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    Marathi news chanel suru kara plz

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    Marathi news chanel suru kara plz

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    Please add Satsang tv and vedic tv
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    Vedic cannal start kero free dish par

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