DD Free Dish will migrate to new satellite GSAT-15

DD Free Dish gets new satellite GSAT-15 by this year

This latest update from Mr. CK Jain (Twitter)  as he replied to one person that "GSAT-15 satellite will replace INSAT 4B. DD Free Dish will migrate to GSAT-15 in November / December". GSAT-15 satellite schedule to launch by this November 2015 . GSAT-15 will carry high brandwith (36Mhz), 24 ku-band transponders.
DD Free Dish will migrate to new satellite GSAT-15

 GSAT-15 satellite will be available at same Longitude of current DD Free Dish Satellite ( Insat4B) at 93.5° East. Prasar Bharati already announched for upgrading more TV channels by this year in MPEG-4 format. So GSAT-15 satellite will help in this mission.

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Here is details according to official website.

Satellite Main Functions: Communication & GAGAN
Orbit Location:            93.5° East in Geo
Frequency :                Ku-Band / L-Band
Mission Life:             12 Years
Equipments :             24 Ku-band transponders
                                   2 GAGAN payloads
                           2 Ku-band Beacon

Coverage :                  Ku-Band: India main land
                                    L-Band: Global coverage
DD Free Dish will migrate to new satellite GSAT-15

The Indian satellite with a design life of 12 years will have 24 Ku-band transponders (automatic receivers and transmitters of radio signals) and two GAGAN (GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation) transponders.

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