How Doordarshan Free Dish is different from other DTH systems ?

Most of the DTH Services in India, operating all over the world and in India, provide paid DTH
Service. In the paid service, the DTH operators uplink the encrypted TV signals to the
satellite and the signals are received by subscribers through a Dish receive system having a
Dish Antenna and one Customized Set-Top Box (DIGITAL SATELLITE DECODER). 

By choosing the bunch of various desired TV channels viz-a-viz the respective payment plan options,
subscribers are given a key-code to decode/decrypt the TV channels through the customized
set-top box. The subscription charges for viewing these channels are collected by the DTH

Doordarshan approved nine Indian OEMs to produce DD Free Dish iCAS STB

DD Free dish launched iCAS enabled set-top boxes in India. These set-top boxes are encrypted with inbuilt iCAS security. It is not free to air box. DD Free dish subscribers have to register with the help of mobile numbers to watch 150+ TV channels lifetime free.

This DD Free dish box can be purchased from an offline electronics store or you can also buy online from Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon & CatvIndia

Doordarshan is not charging any monthly subscription fee from the viewers for a complete bouquet of the Doordarshan’s DTH channels, making the system quite affordable for all as it requires only
a small one-time investment in purchasing of Dish Receive System containing Set-top box
small sized Dish Antenna.

If you want to learn how to install DTH System including DTH antenna, Set-Top Box, Bigger C-Band antenna and sat finder, etc then you can visit

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